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Wayne CC - Fall 2013

Wayne CC PBL Excited About New Officers

The Gamma Chi Chapter at Wayne Community College saw a great start in 2013, beginning with elections for new officers. Returning this year to lead the pack as President is Angela Cromer, a Networking Technology major who brings her skills to the table with a major overhaul of the chapter’s social media options. Under her direction public pages have been created on all major social platforms to allow the benefits of PBL news to reach as many members and supporters as possible.

Serving proudly beside her as Vice President is returning member Ashley Hildebrand, whose natural people skills allow her to successfully manage members and execute our various events. Her management skills were indispensable during Pickin’ for Piper, last semester’s charity bluegrass concert for Piper Wilhilde, a newborn who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. We continue to see the same dedication from Ashley already this year.

New to the line-up is Trenna Harrell as Treasurer, whose passion for charity is driving the chapter toward having a more positive presence in the community. She brings many ideas to the table including our upcoming events supporting the Ronald McDonald House and the MeFine Foundation.

Also new this year is Emory Gibson, who takes the role of Secretary with gusto. His presence on the officer team is invaluable, offering his time and support to any needs the other officers may have.

Our chapter also welcomes a new adviser to the team. Tim Kennedy, the Simulation and Games Development teacher at WCC, joins Lisa Gay and Allison Sullivan to lead PBL to success this year. After being with the chapter only a few months, he has already had much success with recruitment and bringing the technology aspect back to PBL.

With this new team working hard for our chapter’s success, we continue to look forward to the 2013-2014 year with enthusiam.