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The competitive events held at the State Leadership Conference (SLC) illustrate the scope of interests and activities of Phi Beta Lambda (PBL). These events are based on activities developed from the nine goals of Phi Beta Lambda. State events fall into four classifications: individual, team, chapter, and recognition events. The State Awards Program (SAP) event guidelines are aligned as closely as possible with the National Awards Program (NAP). The information contained within this section often refers to the National Awards Program and requires use of the national Chapter Management Handbook as the source of specific details regarding the events. Listed below are the events offered through the State Awards Program.

At the National level, a student is allowed to enter any two events. However, to promote participation in the Free Enterprise and Community Service projects at the state level, NCPBL makes it possible for a student to do a chapter event as a third event.

**BEGINNING WITH THE 2012 SLC:  Students can retake any event at the State Leadership Conference (SLC) as long as they have not entered the event at the National Leadership Conference (NLC), except for team events that have National regulations on how many times a member may participate.  (See NCPBL Competitive Events Rules and Regulations in Section 7, #5--Team Events and Parliamentary Procedure)

Competitive Events Information Documents