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Phi Beta Lambda Membership

Since 1942, FBLA-PBL has encouraged and supported students in their school-to-career transition by assisting them in learning more about business careers, establishing occupational goals, obtaining firsthand experience in business arenas, practicing effective money management, valuing community responsibility, and getting on-the-job training in a wide range of business activities. For the local chapter, involvement in the civic and business activities of the local community ensures that your school is at the forefront of current events. Being involved creates positive publicity for the school in the local media, increases enrollment in business programs, and provides endless opportunities for partnering with local and state businesses.

Phi Beta Lambda membership, and use of our association's name, is available only through affiliation at all three membership levels--local, state, and national. Each member will receive a state membership certificate and a national membership card.

While membership dues may be remitted at any point during the year, the initial reporting deadline for state and national dues is in mid-October. Meeting this deadline assures that chapter members receive Fall issues of state and national publications and that chapters satisfy one of the qualifications for Gold Seal Chapter status, Gold Star recognition, and the Terry Lowrance Leadership Award.

Because PBL is a national organization, students have the opportunity to serve as officers on the local, state, regional, and national levels. Members who aspire to leadership roles gain the experience of running a campaign, going through officer training, and playing an important role in the development of the program of work for the year not to mention the experience of leading the chapter in its activities and acting as an ambassador for the organization.

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Which NC schools have active PBL chapters?