08.14.17 State Adviser Update

NCPBL Chapter Advisers and Key Leaders:


Welcome to a new PBL year!  First of all, thank you for your continued involvement as a chapter adviser or student leader.  The 2016-2017 year was a successful one, and I know you join me in anticipating another exciting one with our "Elevate Your Future" theme.


Of primary importance are these four items:


  1. Chapter Organization and Recruitment - Please keep me updated on any changes in advisers and the selection of your chapter president.  I want to be sure emails go to the correct advisers, and the state officers are very interested in communicating directly with the presidents.  As usual, October 20 is the key date for having members listed in the national database.  The database is open so you can enter members at any point, but we need to have all our chapters listed as "active" by October 20.
  2.  The Kick-Offs are September 21.  Locations are listed in the Chapter Guide and on the Calendar.  Kick-Offs are for advisers and chapter officers/key leaders.  We will go over all the major activities, programs, and goals for the year.
  3.  "Gold Star Chapter" designation is given to those who complete a list of six essential goals for getting the year off to a strong date.  Details are at the beginning of the Chapter Guide.  Your chapter members can earn their first SLC name badge ribbon by receiving this award at FLDC.
  4.  The Chapter Guide (introduction to the year, including information on our new "Put Hunger Out of Business" Project and the Fall Leadership Development Conference November 3-4 with special guest PBL National President Kimberly Clark), the NCPBL Calendar, and The Legacy Leadership Award (TLLA) documents are attached.  These will give you all the information you need to do your chapter planning sessions.  Remember, the TLLA form is the ideal way to set your program of work for the year since it includes all PBL programs/activities/conferences/emphases for the year.


The state and national handbooks will be available online by the Kick-Offs.  I'll send advisers an email so you'll know they've been posted.  There are no major changes in competitive events for this year.  The few event modifications will be listed in the handbooks, although the modifications and the event topics have been posted on the national website under "PBL - Competitive Events."


The national website is fbla-pbl.org and the state one is ncpbl.org.  Encourage your members to follow the NCPBL FaceBook page and our new Instagram site.


The State Exec Council had a very productive meeting last weekend.  Best wishes to you as you and your members develop your goals and plan your activities for the year.  Again, remember to use TLLA.  It's an all-inclusive list for everything PBL on the local, state, and national level.


If you have questions or need information on anything, don't hesitate to call or email.  It's always a pleasure to talk to you and work with you!


Dan, Connie, Diane, Mike, Susan, and the State Officer team

2017-2018 NCPBL Calendar

2017-2018 NCPBL Chapter Guide

2017-2018 TLLA