Pfeiffer University - Spring 2017

Pfeiffer PBL Holds Final Membership Drive for Potential New Members Before SLC 

Pfeiffer PBL is a constantly growing chapter and perhaps that is because of the current members' drive to recruit new members to join the organization that they feel so passionately about. After all, the more the merrier! Pfeiffer PBL's officers decided to hold a table membership drive in Stokes Student Center on February 15, 2017 in order to reach out to students who may have heard about PBL, but hadn’t joined yet. Pfeiffer gets a lot of transfer students, even during second semester so it is important to make the club available to them as well as to new students in the fall. Many new students, especially freshman do not feel confident enough in their abilities to jump headfirst into a club during their first semester, but are more comfortable in their second semester and therefore it makes more sense to attempt to recruit them then. Overall, it was a relatively successful recruitment day and it is always fun to get to tell other student about the things that Pfeiffer PBL has accomplished whether or not they choose to join.