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The NCPBL Executive Edge Volume 47, Issue 1

Fall 2016


Miller-Motte College - Fall 2016

Meet the new 2016-2017 Miller-Motte College, Jacksonville members. Currently, MMC, Jacksonville has 16 paid members (that’s a 60% increase from last reporting year) with interest growing within the school. Members are excited to attend the upcoming FLDC in Greensboro NC and have been busy with different fundraisers to ensure they can make the trip. Upcoming events that they will be participating in include Trunk or Treat with MMC and hosting a BINGO night as well.


Pfeiffer University - Fall 2016

Pfeiffer University PBL held an informational and fun movie night on September 28, 2016. The movie night was all about internships. The event President Tori Jackson about what types of internships exists, the benefit of getting an internship while in college, how to be successful in a college internship, and what benefits you can get from a college internship. The presentation was followed with a question and answer session and then the movie. The movie was the Intern with Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway and was chosen as the movie for the event due to the applicable nature of the plot and the presentation. This movie was also chosen due to the fact that Robert DeNiro's actions within the film demonstrated a level of maturity and success and showed a comparison to other interns within the movie who were younger and learned from his character. Overall it was a very successful event with many more participants than expected and with a large number of people becoming more interested in Pfeiffer PBL than before. The event was both a great learning experience as well as a great community and interest building event and will be one that Pfeiffer PBL will most likely repeat again in the future.



Asheville-Buncombe Technical CC - Fall 2016

The Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College Chapter of PBL has had an active year.
Students representing the chapter at the State Leadership Conference in Charlotte, NC in April 2016 were Robert McCary, Wendy Alexander, Carmel French, Caitln Youngblood, Katie Roberts, and Anglea Lore.  Also, attending were Veronica Dooly, Marlene Frisbee and Jean Finley, advisors for the chapter. Students competed in many categories with each student placing in one or more event.

The National Leadership Conference was held in Atlanta GA in June 2016.  In attendance were Katie Roberts, Robert McCary, Angela Lore, and Carmel French. Advisors attending for the chapter included Veronica Dooly and Marlene Frisbee. Three awards were brought home from the National Leadership Conference. 

PBL has been busy with activities during fall semester including:

  • College Activity Day in August hosting an information table during the event.
  • Visiting classes to share benefits of the organization.
  • Monthly Organizational meetings are being held.
  • Attended the Kick-off at Lenoir-Rhyne University.
  • Ongoing service work and planning for service projects and upcoming conferences.

"The Locker" continues to be successful and outgrowing its space.  Donations of new and gently used business attire are stilling helping students meet the needs of a business professional.    

Plans are being made to attend the Fall Leadership Development Conference in Greensboro, NC. We look forward to networking with members from across the state.


Durham Technical CC - Fall 2016

The Delta Beta Upsilon Chapter of Phi Beta Lambda continues our tradition of service and activities. We have been very productive since our last report this past spring. We had six members attend the State Leadership Conference in April where all 6 members placed high enough to qualify for NLC, our chapter was recognized for completing TLLA. Betina Van Denend and Christopher McDuff were recognized for completing both the Director and Executive levels of CMAP, as well as being honored for participation in membership madness. Christopher McDuff also ran for State President as well.

Betina Van Denend, our chapter's vice president at the time, was recognized for outstanding student leadership at Durham Tech’s annual Student Senate award ceremony in April. We continued our strong commitment to community service by volunteering throughout the Triangle to include one organization who truly loves having us, Urban Ministries of Durham. Our club finished the 2015-2016 year with one of the highest record totals of volunteer hours by any club at Durham Tech. Our Chapter capped off our school year with an outing to a Durham Bulls game, which is one of our annual fund raising partners.

This summer five members traveled with two advisors to Atlanta, GA to attend our National Leadership Conference. Our members enjoyed the variety of educational and cultural attractions that Atlanta had to offer. During the conference Emilia Arrington took home 1st place in Sales Presentation and Christopher McDuff, Eric Eales and Tyler Kempton took home 2nd place in Networking Design and. Overall, our club benefited from the plethroa of workshops and came home with experiences that will last them a life time.

We started our Fall semester by participating in Durham Tech's Welcomemania, where clubs and organizations have the opportunity to discuss what they have to offer students and attract new members. We also attended the Fall Kick Off at Central Carolina Community College. We took four officers and one advisor, and engaged in various discussions about upcoming events and conferences as well as ways to improve our chapters and activities we could hold in collaboration with chapters in our area. 

 We kicked off our volunteer initiative for the year by volunteering at Urban Ministries on October 8th. Members and advisors helped sort clothes in the Urban Ministries clothes closet. We planning to visit at least one Saturday a month to continue to help Urban Ministries so they can better serve the community. We also have planned activities lined up for the Museum of Life and Science which we will help them with their annual Pumpkin Patch and Santa Train events, as well as work in FBLA and other organizations in our local community.


Chowan University - Fall 2016

Phi Beta Lambda Celebrating 50 Years at Chowan!

Chowan University's Phi Beta Lambda chapter is celebrating a golden anniversary!  Chowan's chapter was chartered on August 12, 1966 and has remained a solid organization representing the School of Business over the years.

Phi Beta Lambda is a non-profit educational association of post-secondary students preparing for careers in business and business-related fields.  Membership in Phi Beta Lambda provides students opportunities to learn outside the classroom and, in addition, promotes a sense of civic and personal responsibility.  All business majors or students enrolled in a business course are invited to join. 

For more information about PBL, contact Patsy Taylor, faculty adviser, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Scheduled meeting times for PBL are on the first and third Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. in McSweeney 112.  Get involved today and help us make this our best year yet!


Central Carolina CC - Spring 2016

The chapter wanted to hit the ground running and continue on with the success of the fall. The chapter finished the fall with over 100 members and looks to increase that number for the spring semester. The chapter had members attend both the NCPBL Fall Leadership Development Conference in Greensboro and the National Fall Leadership Conference in Charleston SC. Both conferences provided learning environments that helped members grow as professionals and gain skills that will help create success for the chapter this spring.

The chapter now prepares for the State Leadership Conference in Charlotte this coming April after a successful FBLA-PBL week that saw activities planned each day to promote PBL and demonstrate to the campus what we have to offer. Fundraising activities are now active as the chapter looks to provide opportunities for any member that wants to attend. The annual spaghetti dinner is scheduled for March and a few other fundraisers planned working fundraisers in Charlotte and Raleigh.

SLC is not the only activity the chapter is focused on this spring. The chapter is heading up the Cougar Closet. A professional dress closet for students on campus to help them prepare for upcoming interviews and jobs after graduation. The project involved the chapter teaming up with Career Services to create workshops for students to attend who then can visit the closet. The chapter also creating networking opportunities for its members by joining the local chamber of commerce as well as members participating in Toastmasters International. Several members will also be representing the chapter as judges at the NCPBL FBLA State Leadership Conference in March.


Rowan-Cabarrus CC - Fall 2016

First off, we had the distinct honor of hosting PBL Kick Off on October 6, 2016 at the North Campus in Salisbury NC.  Several colleges were in attendance and a great time was had by all.  Our very own PBL President, Caroline Shue, graciously accepted an award certificate for hosting the Kick Off at RCCC.
Discussion was done via teleconference between North Campus and South Campus.  Topics up for discussion included a campus project, community service project, fundraising activities, and Fall Conference in Greensboro.

Campus project is an awareness project headed by Daphne Moore.  It involves the subject of Human Trafficking which is a much needed discussion because North Carolina ranks 10th in the nation for this criminal industry.  PBL will assist with information, project board, and pamphlets for an awareness forum scheduled to be held on December 2nd, 2016 at the auditorium on the North Campus.  Keynote speaker is Ms. Daphne Moore and there will be a guest speaker.

Community Service project still in early phase of development.  Provide awareness and assistance to the local community and children affected by abuse.  Toy and food donations are needed. To be discussed at future meetings.

Fundraising projects are currently being planned and will be up and going in the future.

The NC PBL Fall Leadership Development Conference will be held  November 18-19, in Greensboro, NC at the Wyndham Garden Hotel.  Officers are expected to attend.

Membership drive was discussed with ideas presented to spread interest.  PBL is an open club.  All students are welcome and encouraged to participate.

State PBL kickoff with Rowan-Cabarrus, Livingstone, Catawba plus other local and state Community Colleges


Appalachian State University - Fall 2016

The Appalachian State University Phi Beta Lambda chapter has been having an extremely productive semester thus far. As of October 27, 2016, we have 25 paid members. Our executive board consists of the following individuals:

  • President- John Vines
  • Executive Vice President- Madeline Roach
  • Vice President of Membership- Abby Young
  • Vice President of Marketing- Josh Paszke-Guerra
  • Vice President of Service- Dalton Peeler
  • Vice President of Professional Development- Grace Williams
  • Historian-Jenny Zheng

The following events have been completed by the PBL chapter:

  • March of Dimes- The club had a planning meeting on October 11 to compose the flyers and purple ribbons for the March of Dimes Event. Members learned about how to raise awareness for prematurity and volunteered to sign up for the day of the event. 

  • Homecoming- The club’s homecoming chair held an information session and planning meeting on October 20 to inform club members about the opportunities and events Appalachian State Homecoming offered. Members spoke about participating in the parade, creating a banner, and volunteering at the Homecoming Blood Drive. Over 500 volunteers, and over 1300 donors came out to carry on Appalachian’s Life Saving Legacy and collect 1,235 pints of blood! We are proud to say, the Phi Beta Lambda Chapter was able to contribute to such an amazing event. 

  • Phi Beta Lambda Adopt a Street Clean Up Day- The Phi Beta Lambda chapter has set up
    two clean-up days each semester in order to give back to the great Watauga community
    that has given us so much. Our first clean-up day was September 17, and our second is
    set to be October 28.

  • Member Induction Ceremony- On October 18, 2016, all officers and members of the
    2016-2017 school year was officially inducted. 

  • Guest Speaker Presentation: Speedway LLC- Speedway company was one of the many professional development speakers that are scheduled for this year. Representatives from the company visited on September 6, and informed members about the internship opportunities that were available over the summer. The next day, the Walker College of Business held a Career Fair, and Speedway offered three of our members a summer internship!

In addition, below are pictures from select events and more information can be found on our website at  



North Carolina Central University - Fall 2016

North Carolina Central University 
Ropes Challenge Course Provides Teambuilding Experience
By: Brittany Wilson

The Iota Tau Chapter participated in the annual ropes course challenge. As a first time participant in this ropes course I was unaware of what to expect from this experience. At first glance I thought we would do rigorous activities that would force me to be physically active, which I am not the most physically fit person. Being physical was not the most important goal; instead, we focused on breathing techniques to relax ourselves, communication, trust, leadership and teamwork. The ropes course activities were designed to enhance our ability to work as a team. 

One of the first activities we did was to introduce ourselves to one another. One of the most endearing activities we did was the jump rope activity.  This activity forced us to truly work together, strategize, and communicate efficiently so that all members got across the rope successfully. As one of the members who had trouble getting across the rope I felt the sense of teamwork because everyone helped me in getting across by telling me when to go or by holding my hand. This activity allowed us to see where our weak spots were within communication and how we can fix them within our organization. 

We also did other communication building techniques that focused on verbal and nonverbal communication. Additionally, we did a trust fall which allowed us to really connect because in order to be a successful organization we must be able to trust each other. Overall, the ropes course allowed us to truly connect as a family and as an organization. I believe everyone who participated in the ropes course gained a bigger concept on how to work efficiently as a team. We learned important techniques in teamwork and we had fun together. We truly bonded even when we were frustrated with the challenges. There were many laughs and memorable moments. This was a day to remember!!!



Southeastern CC - Fall 2016

The Southeastern Community College PBL Chapter, has been working diligently this year to make a difference! We have participated in several activities both, on campus as well as in our community.  Our advisor and officers are working with other organizations within the campus to make future events successful just as the recent ones. We began by holding our first meeting and appointing newly officers.  Then we establish potential fundraisers, upcoming events, the creation of our new T-shirts.  September was a very busy month for our PBL Chapter members. 

We began the year with an early fundraiser by selling Country Meats sticks, as it was a full success the previous year.  Then we continued into the month with preparation to the annual kickoff at Barton College where our President had a part to preside, which then had to be postponed for later noticed to due a shortage of fuel. Our chapter took part in an on campus event known as Senior Day on September 27, 2016. High school seniors from the community were invited to participate in several workshops offered by various instructors. PBL jumped in and got the seniors involved with a good ol’ rendition of Shark Tank. Students were asked to come up with an innovative idea and to present it to their peers, instructors, and the judges. The event was a great success!

While planning and preparing for another successful month, once again the unstoppable of Mother Nature stirred up one of those unexpected Hurricanes.  With the coming of Hurricane Matthew and for the safety of everyone the Movie Night that was intended to be held on October 6th was postponed for November 10th.  During this event our Chapter was expected to take a part by having our own stand with goodies for the community.  As Hurricane Matthew approach the Carolinas, the damage was gradually increasing, as water levels increased as well as wind gusts, falling trees and washed out roads.  Instead with the devastation that Matthew left behind many of our members were found during cleanup efforts that were made by individuals and their families as well as the preparation of hot meals to be served to hundreds of people in our area. We are very proud of our chapter and its members as they stepped in to help others. We are continuing with these effort as our communities are far away from being fully restored. Matthew left the Carolinas Coast in destruction but also gathered us a to give and help. 

We have business left undone for the month of November.  We shall have new fundraiser toward the middle to end of the month with the World’s Finest Chocolate as it was requested by many of the community college students.  We have the Movie Night upcoming for the community.  Where our Chapter members will get to wear their new PBL T-shirts!


Stanly CC - Fall 2016

Following a very successful 2015-2016 year, Stanly Community College's PBL chapter is already off to a busy start.  In the spring of 2016, SCC awarded Shawn Oke, owner of The Sweet Shop, a certificate acknowledging him as the Business Person of the Year, and  Mr. Oke was subsequently SCC's nominee for the state award. 

In May, Courtney Earnhardt was one of ten Stanly Community College students who received recognition as an Outstanding Student Leader at the college's Leadership Convocation and Luncheon.

In June, four members, along with Mr. Hazlett, traveled to Atlanta, GA for the 2016 National Leadership Conference.  Jessica Ferretiz and Courtney Earnhardt served as voting delegates during the voting session which determined the national officers for the 2016-2017 year.  Amy Ray competed in Public Speaking, Jessica Ferretiz competed in Cyber Crime, Courtney Earnhardt competed and placed second in the nation in Sales Presentation, and Katrina Sams competed in Marketing Concepts and placed fourth in the nation in Social Media Challenge.  Katrina Sams also represented North Carolina as the state's nominee for induction into the organization's national level of Who's Who in PBL.  Our chapter also received the Gold Seal Chapter award, and placed sixth in the nation for the Chapter Annual Business Report.

On October 6, 2016, four chapter members accompanied Mr. Hazlett to the 2013 Fall Kick-Off at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College.  Those attending from SCC were Amy Ray, Tony Lundry, Raquel Eaton, and Katrina Sams.

Recently, Amy Ray (the 2016-2017 SCC PBL chapter president) presented Dr. John Enamait (President of Stanly Community College) with a certificate on the third day in his new positioni acknowledging SCC PBL's donation to the PD-F, Inc., scholarship fund in his honor.  We welcome Dr. Enamait and are looking forward to having him be involved as we celebrate FBLA-PBL's 75th anniversary.

Several organizational and planning meetings have already been held, and our chapter is excited about attending the upcoming Fall Leadership Conference in Greensboro, NC.   Ideas are already in progress for our Chapter Recruitment Display Setup, applicants for the PBL-PD-F scholarship are putting the finishing touches on their applications, and the Non-Trivia Team is already hustling to prepare for competition.

We held our new member induction and officer installation ceremony on Thursday, October 20, 2016, and Professional Division members, Ms. Patricia Maddox and Mr. Calvin Sams, were  in attendance, with Ms. Maddox bringing greetings and speaking to our chapter about her experiences.  We also participated in our school’s Fall Fest  event on Wednesday, October 26, 2016.  We held a March of Dimes fundraising event at our PBL table that will continue through November, and had chapter recruitment materials on display to reach out to students who may not yet be aware of the benefits of joining PBL. 

This year promises to be one of the best ones yet as we work to become part of "A Legacy of Leadership!"


Barton College - Fall 2016

The Gamma Gamma Chapter of Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) at Barton College is continuing its efforts to make a difference in the Wilson community, provide leadership development, enhance its visibility, increase membership, and raise funds for its projects. 

Chapter members judged and gave workshops at one Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) regional meeting. Chapter members pre-judged FBLA school-site tests. Jamie Barton and our two advisers judged performances at the NC FBLA State Leadership Conference.

Members enjoyed success at the NCPBL State Leadership Conference in April. We are proud that Jamie Barton was again elected as NCPBL President. Four members and two advisers/Professional Division members traveled to Atlanta, GA, for the PBL National Leadership Conference. 

As a member of the Wilson Chamber of Commerce, the Gamma Gamma chapter volunteered for the Wilson Business Expo. The chapter displayed its trophies at the annual Club Fair and at the Majors Fair. All activities presented an unique opportunity to recruit our new and returning students.  The chapter has also exhibited at sessions of Barton's Freshman Orientation—advertising our organization to prospective students.

The chapter will participate again this year in the Barton College Day of Service on October 19.  All day classes are cancelled!! We will bag white rice, brown rice, and beans and assist in distributing canned items to those in need.

During the semester, we will partner with the Wilson Chamber of Commerce, the Wilson County Department of Social Services, and the Wil-Med Foundation assisting in their community service activities.

The chapter has a special Free Enterprise Day activity and March of Dimes project planned, as well as several fundraisers.

Our chapter continues its Legacy to Leadership for both traditional and Accelerated Profession Program students through joint projects.