Southeastern CC - Fall 2016

The Southeastern Community College PBL Chapter, has been working diligently this year to make a difference! We have participated in several activities both, on campus as well as in our community.  Our advisor and officers are working with other organizations within the campus to make future events successful just as the recent ones. We began by holding our first meeting and appointing newly officers.  Then we establish potential fundraisers, upcoming events, the creation of our new T-shirts.  September was a very busy month for our PBL Chapter members. 

We began the year with an early fundraiser by selling Country Meats sticks, as it was a full success the previous year.  Then we continued into the month with preparation to the annual kickoff at Barton College where our President had a part to preside, which then had to be postponed for later noticed to due a shortage of fuel. Our chapter took part in an on campus event known as Senior Day on September 27, 2016. High school seniors from the community were invited to participate in several workshops offered by various instructors. PBL jumped in and got the seniors involved with a good ol’ rendition of Shark Tank. Students were asked to come up with an innovative idea and to present it to their peers, instructors, and the judges. The event was a great success!

While planning and preparing for another successful month, once again the unstoppable of Mother Nature stirred up one of those unexpected Hurricanes.  With the coming of Hurricane Matthew and for the safety of everyone the Movie Night that was intended to be held on October 6th was postponed for November 10th.  During this event our Chapter was expected to take a part by having our own stand with goodies for the community.  As Hurricane Matthew approach the Carolinas, the damage was gradually increasing, as water levels increased as well as wind gusts, falling trees and washed out roads.  Instead with the devastation that Matthew left behind many of our members were found during cleanup efforts that were made by individuals and their families as well as the preparation of hot meals to be served to hundreds of people in our area. We are very proud of our chapter and its members as they stepped in to help others. We are continuing with these effort as our communities are far away from being fully restored. Matthew left the Carolinas Coast in destruction but also gathered us a to give and help. 

We have business left undone for the month of November.  We shall have new fundraiser toward the middle to end of the month with the World’s Finest Chocolate as it was requested by many of the community college students.  We have the Movie Night upcoming for the community.  Where our Chapter members will get to wear their new PBL T-shirts!