Pfeiffer University - Fall 2016

Pfeiffer University PBL held an informational and fun movie night on September 28, 2016. The movie night was all about internships. The event President Tori Jackson about what types of internships exists, the benefit of getting an internship while in college, how to be successful in a college internship, and what benefits you can get from a college internship. The presentation was followed with a question and answer session and then the movie. The movie was the Intern with Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway and was chosen as the movie for the event due to the applicable nature of the plot and the presentation. This movie was also chosen due to the fact that Robert DeNiro's actions within the film demonstrated a level of maturity and success and showed a comparison to other interns within the movie who were younger and learned from his character. Overall it was a very successful event with many more participants than expected and with a large number of people becoming more interested in Pfeiffer PBL than before. The event was both a great learning experience as well as a great community and interest building event and will be one that Pfeiffer PBL will most likely repeat again in the future.