North Carolina Central University - Fall 2016

North Carolina Central University 
Ropes Challenge Course Provides Teambuilding Experience
By: Brittany Wilson

The Iota Tau Chapter participated in the annual ropes course challenge. As a first time participant in this ropes course I was unaware of what to expect from this experience. At first glance I thought we would do rigorous activities that would force me to be physically active, which I am not the most physically fit person. Being physical was not the most important goal; instead, we focused on breathing techniques to relax ourselves, communication, trust, leadership and teamwork. The ropes course activities were designed to enhance our ability to work as a team. 

One of the first activities we did was to introduce ourselves to one another. One of the most endearing activities we did was the jump rope activity.  This activity forced us to truly work together, strategize, and communicate efficiently so that all members got across the rope successfully. As one of the members who had trouble getting across the rope I felt the sense of teamwork because everyone helped me in getting across by telling me when to go or by holding my hand. This activity allowed us to see where our weak spots were within communication and how we can fix them within our organization. 

We also did other communication building techniques that focused on verbal and nonverbal communication. Additionally, we did a trust fall which allowed us to really connect because in order to be a successful organization we must be able to trust each other. Overall, the ropes course allowed us to truly connect as a family and as an organization. I believe everyone who participated in the ropes course gained a bigger concept on how to work efficiently as a team. We learned important techniques in teamwork and we had fun together. We truly bonded even when we were frustrated with the challenges. There were many laughs and memorable moments. This was a day to remember!!!