State Goals

Striving for a unity of direction is characteristic of any good team, and the officer team has charted a direction for the 2017-2018 year with a set of State Chapter Goals. The goals were developed to complement the structure of the Strategic Plan categories.  In developing your own local chapter's goals for the year, please include items that will help the state chapter achieve its goals for the year.

Please assist your state chapter and let us all prove that...




  1. To provide recruitment materials that can be digitally adapted by local chapters.
  2. To sponsor a "President's Award" at the Fall Leadership Development Conference (FLDC) for the best theme-related display of membership recruitment materials used by a chapter (judged by the State Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) officers, the national officer in attendance, and The NCPBL Professional-Division Foundation, Inc.; use a score sheet developed by the PD-F president with the highest and lowest scores being dropped to determine winner.)
  3. To provide chapters who increase membership with a membership ribbon at the State Leadership Conference. 
  4. To organize a Chapter Development Committee of chapter presidents in each region with the regional vice presidents organizing monthly "meetings" on social media.
  5. To market PBL to Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) chapters by Council members attending FBLA local and state meetings to distribute materials and offer assistance.
  6. To exchange web links with FBLA (Facebook, Newsletter, websites, etc.)
  7. To increase state membership to 700.
  8. To promote FBLA-PBL Week and Adviser Recognition Day activities at the FLDC and on the website.


  1. To assist The NCPBL Professional Division-Foundation, Inc. in supporting its program of work.
  2. To promote activities to benefit the March of Dimes.


  1. To provide team building and orientation programs for state officers at the State Executive Council meeting.
  2. To sponsor a Fall Leadership Development Conference to assist chapters and provide training and information on leadership, business, and state/national projects; goal of 100% of active chapters attending.
  3. To increase community service activities by promoting events to which several chapters are invited.
  4. To invite a speaker at FLDC and SLC who was a former PBL member to encourage PBL members.


  1. To provide an updated electronic copy of the State Handbook on the website by September 1.
  2. To provide an area on the website for posting chapter news as submitted to Historian by chapters.
  3. To increase the NCPBL Facebook awareness and participation by members.
  4. To begin an NCPBL Instagram account.
  5. To produce a synopsis of goals as related to local chapter involvement.


  1. To sponsor The Legacy Leadership Award to honor recipients of the NCPBL State/National Outstanding Local Adviser Award who is retiring or passing having served 20 or more years as an adviser.
  2. To promote participation in the Career and Membership Achievement Program (CMAP) through Kick-Off and FLDC presentations; goal of 20 members obtaining a CMAP level.


  1. To provide chapters with a chronological list of all PBL dates and due dates for meetings and activities.
  2. To promote and encourage NCPBL's level of participation at national conferences.
  3. To sponsor a State Leadership Conference to administer the State Awards Program, elect officers, and provide leadership training; goal of 100% of active chapters participating.
  4. To include a monthly "Top Five" in PBL members and PD-F affiliation members in the State Adviser's monthly email to advisers (also post the email message on the state website).