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National Scholarship Programs

Distinguished Business Leader Scholarship

The National Web site gives advisers and members information concerning some of the scholarships and other award programs either offered by PBL, a participating sponsor specifically for PBL members, or by organizations that provide recognition for which PBL members would be well suited. This information is provided as a service to our advisers and members and is not intended to be an endorsement of any of the nonaffiliated organizations or programs. In addition, the information provided in this section is accurate as of the publication date to the best of our knowledge. Check the Web site at for updates to this list. If you have questions, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


National Distinguished Business Leader Scholarship Information


NLC / IFL Scholarship

The PBL National Leadership Conference (NLC)/Institute for Leaders (IFL) Scholarship is a program funded through the diversion of $1.00 of each member's national dues. The NLC Scholarship amount will be $400.00, and the IFL Scholarship amount will be $115.00. Scholarship stipends will be awarded following the verification of attendance at the NLC/IFL.

Members who wish to be considered for a PBL NLC or IFL Scholarship must:

  • be on record as having paid local, state, and national dues by April 15; and

  • submit an application and accompanying materials by April 15 to the national center, attention: NLC/IFL Scholarship.

The application must be completed in triplicate and submitted in one manila file folder labeled with the student name, school name, and state. The application must be received by April 15 of the year that the scholarship will be presented.

Application Materials
Submit the attached application form and three copies of the following information in one manila file folder by no later than April 15:

  • Transcript of Grades.

  • Two Letters of Recommendation. One letter must be from the candidate's local or state PBL adviser. Each letter should be limited to no more than one page and should highlight the applicant's PBL activities and leadership skills.

  • One-Page Essay. The topic for the essay is: "How has PBL enhanced your leadership skills?"

Send completed application to (Postmarked by: April 15):
1912 Association Drive
Reston, VA 20191-1591
or fax: 866.500.5610

NLC and IFL Scholarship Information