Vance-Granville CC - Feb 2013

The Phi Beta Lambda organization at Vance Granville has been very busy this month. Our first line of business was to help celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving students and staff the opportunity to buy carnation flowers for their loved ones. Also, with the celebration of black month, VGCC chapter of PBL alongside VGCC was able to provide two food ordinated events. The first one with the help of PBL members was to provide slices of red velvet cake in the student lounge to staff and student alike. PBL members were able to interact more with the majority of the student population here on campus and inform them on what a great asset to their lives joining PBL will provide. The second one was a soul food special. Students and staff were encouraged to come and taste a vast variety of soul food in the civic center. This gave another opportunity for PBL members to get out there in our PBL shirts and interact with the regular student body and try to boost membership and let people out there understand what we do. Finally, one of our big this here in PBL to do is raise money for the march of dimes. We organized a fundraiser that is still taking place for members of staff to wear their favorite college team logos and paraphernalia with a little donation to the March of Dimes. There also is another part to it. Students can donate money towards teachers involved to wear their favorite team’s rival colors. Whichever teacher raise’s the least amount of money they have to wear their favorite team’s rival paraphernalia.