Isothermal CC - Spring 2013

At our Friday, February 15 meeting we had a special presentation on Entrepreneurship. After opening business was concluded, our chapter adviser introduced Mr. Scott Hutchins, PD member and Economics/Marketing/ Entrepreneurship instructor here at Isothermal.

Mr. Hutchins discussed creating a business plan, startup capital and the significance of having passion about what it is you want to establish. The strength to never give up, to be willing to re-do and re-do if necessary to make your dream come true. He gave out a listing of Entrepreneurship traits and we discussed these as to their importance.

He then discussed two famous entrepreneurs, one easily seen as one, Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy’s. After Mr. Thomas returned from the Korean War, he went to work for a Kentucky Fried Chicken owner and took over a store which was faltering. After a few years, he was able to sell the franchises for almost two million dollars. His passion, however, was hamburgers and his desire for a great one which at the time he couldn’t find in his area. He opened his own hamburger restaurant offering his unique square hamburgers and whatever you wanted on them. Through hard work, dedication and his face as the face of Wendy’s, we all know the rest of his story.

The other entrepreneur was one not necessarily thought of as such and that was Nicholas Sparks, the author. Sparks wanted to write and although he went to University of Notre Dame on a track scholarship and later worked in several sales jobs, he never gave up on his writing. He endured the loss of his parents at fairly early ages and financial hardships but persevered in his desire to write. Now with years of success as the author of a large number of books he has seen eight of them become motion pictures. His story is still developing.

Our members enjoyed and appreciated the efforts of one of our Professional Division members to help us as we have been Igniting Innovations this year!