Randolph CC Focuses on Goals

After a successful graduation here at Randolph Community College, our chapter was impacted with a loss of a large majority of our membership. It is a happy loss, but at the same time we miss them. RCC's Phi Beta Nu Chapter of Phi Beta Lambda is off to a great start. The chapter currently has 13 paid members and 6 Professional Division members. One of our members attends classes at RCC online from her home in England- making her our first international member! Our youngest member, who technically is not a student, is Mrs. Palmer's son who was born in March- Luke Palmer. Our chapter has a variety of goals for the year. First, we have made an initiative triangle to help focus our goals. The triangle consists of three central elements in which all activates are based: Education, Service, and Connection. We started planning fundraisers to help our members attend the Fall Leadership Development Conference and the National Fall Leadership Conference. The first fundraiser is our semiannual Krispy Kreme doughnut sale- YUM! We have also raffled off a diaper cake to raise money for March of Dimes- Save the Babies!- at Asheboro's Fall Festival. We are preparing for the workshops at FLDC as well as the recruitment board, pin design, and the t-shirt design contests. After the FLDC and the NFLC, the innovative work begins with the preparation for the State Conference in April. Here at RCC we are igniting innovation. May success be ever in our future!