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How do I run for a State Office?

The State Officer experience can be challenging and exciting, but it will not necessarily be easy. The challenge begins with your chapter's recognition of state officer talent in you as one of the members. The challenge continues as you apply the key elements of determination, commitment, preparation, and effort in developing and carrying out a successful election campaign during the State Leadership Conference. Once elected, the challenge continues even further as state officers seek to carry out the duties of their offices.

Members are not elected to state officer positions alone--nor do they fulfill the requirements of their positions alone. Rather, officers need the support and encouragement of many people, including:

Parents, school officials, and department heads who need to be informed and supportive of the state officer's effort. State officers must attend various conferences and meetings during the year and will probably miss some class time.

Local chapter advisers who approve and sign the nomination form serve as coaches and guides through the entire process.

And, chapter officers and members who support the officer candidate's campaign and once elected, support the officer in his or her tasks throughout the year.

Serving as a state officer does require time, energy, and devotion to Phi Beta Lambda, but the benefits to be derived from such service are tremendous. The State Executive Council sincerely hopes that you will seriously consider nominating one of your deserving, dedicated members for a state office. We look forward to excellent campaigning this year and, most of all, having a candidate for each elected office.

These are the available State Officer positions:

Central Region Vice President
Eastern Region Vice President
Western Region Vice President

The State Handbook Section 09 State Officer Candidate Guide will provide you with the information and forms necessary to run for state office. Please refer to the PBL Calendar for deadline dates for submitting these forms.

See Section 09 State Officer Candidate Guide in the State Handbook